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Udemy – Ultimate Photoshop Training: From Beginner to Pro 2020-2

Udemy - Ultimate Photoshop Training: From Beginner to Pro 2020-2

Ultimate Photoshop Training From Beginner to Pro is the name of the popular Photoshop software training video tutorial. Photoshop software, one of Adobe’s most popular products, is very popular in the world. In this tutorial you will start learning from the basics and you will become a specialist in Photoshop software as you continue your training and sessions.

The Ultimate Photoshop Training From Beginner to Pro is designed so that students can use it without prior knowledge and acquire the necessary training and skills. This tutorial also covers a variety of issues such as designing and creating icons, graphic images and characters, enhancing images, creating creative texts, and more.

The Ultimate Photoshop Training From Beginner to Pro course feature

Dear students, with this tutorial you will be able to become a professional photoshop. As mentioned, viewing this collection does not require any prior knowledge and you can view this collection without any information and start learning. In this training set you will have over 150 video training sessions ahead of you. By completing this series and learning the tips, techniques and skills you will become a very professional person in the field of graphics and using Photoshop software.

Course specification:

  • Publisher:  Udemy
  • Instructor: Cristian Doru Barin
  • Level: Basic to Advanced
  • Duration: 13:59:10
  • Number of lessons: 176 lessons
  • English language

The Ultimate Photoshop Training From Beginner to Pro headlines 

Course content
176 lectures 13:59:10

12 lectures 38:13

Get Started
13 lectures 01:02:19

Layers 101
13 lectures 57:14

Layers 102
14 lectures 01:07:42

7 lectures 30:08

Raster Layers
12 lectures 55:56

Selections 101
15 lectures 59:39

Selections 102
11 lectures 46:38

Shape Layers
15 lectures 01:19:44

Creative Layer Styles
14 lectures 01:18:45

Work with Smart Objects
13 lectures 01:07:09

Create a Cute Character
3 lectures 27:22

Repair Your Photos
11 lectures 50:08

Text Layers
12 lectures 01:04:57

Improve Your Photos
9 lectures 32:30

Course Conclusions & What’s Next
2 lectures 15:06


No previous Photoshop knowledge required
If you have Photoshop installed, that’s great. If not, I’ll teach you how to get it on your computer

Ultimate Photoshop Training images: From Beginner to Pro

Ultimate Photoshop Training: From Beginner to Pro

Sample movie

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This tutorial has English subtitles.

Also includes Attachments.

Video quality is 720p.

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Version 2019/4 added 8 lessons and about half an hour of time compared to 2019/3.

The 2019/5 version has two seconds less time than the 2019/4. Probably accompanied by reforms. The Fix version of the Attachment files that was left over was added.

Version 2019/11 was reduced to 1 lesson and 5 minutes compared to 2019/5.

Version 2019/12 increased by 3 lessons and 25 minutes compared to 2019/11.

Version 2020/2 compared to 2019/12 increased the number of 9 lessons to about 1 hour.

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