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Udemy – Running a Web Development Business: The Complete Guide 2019-6

Udemy - Running a Web Development Business: The Complete Guide 2019-6

Running a Web Development Business is a collection of video tutorials for learning business skills in the Web. In this tutorial, you will learn how to become a successful developer on the Internet. In fact, you will learn the basics to improve your business in the Web. Your training suite as a comprehensive course can also be very effective for those users who want to start an online business.

In fact, the moderator of this training course has tried to teach you how to start a business and how to grow it professionally. You also will not need to experience programming to watch this course, but if you have programming experience, this will help you to better learn the lessons of this course. You will also be prevented from seeing this overview of the common mistakes and beginners, and you will be able to start your Internet business from the very first day.

Running a Web Development Business Features:

  • Learn how to develop and start a variety of businesses in the Web
  • Learn how to get help from the timeline at the start of your business
  • Learn how to hire an employee to improve your working conditions
  • You will know the difference between the generalized or specialized web services and decide between them
  • Find affordable and professional ways to get better online online these days
  • Learn to choose the perfect name for your business
  • And…

Course characteristics Running a Web Development Business:

  • Publisher: Udemy
  • Teacher: Evan Kimbrell
  • Level: Advanced to advanced
  • Duration: 19:39:58
  • Number of lessons: 99 lessons
  • English language

Course topics Running a Web Development Business:

Course content 
99 lectures 19:39:58

Introduction (39 minutes) 
8 lectures 37:55

The Essentials (47 minutes) 
8 lectures 46:36

Planning your strategy (40 minutes) 
6 lectures 40:24

Setting up your presence (76 minutes) 
8 lectures 01:15:43

Finding subcontractors (74 minutes) 
9 lectures 01:13:52

Building a portfolio (22 minutes) 
5 lectures 22:11

Getting clients (72 minutes) 
11 lectures 01:11:35

Building proposals (84 minutes) 
9 lectures 01:23:19

Managing clients (60 minutes) 
9 lectures 59:37

Best practices (105 minutes) 
18 lectures 01:44:58

Internal management is crucial (45 minutes) 
5 lectures 44:41

Bonus Section 
1 lecture 00:53

Free documents and resources 
2 lectures 00:00


  • No pre-requisites necessary.
  • Programming experience is helpful but not necessary.

Running a Web Development Business

Running a Web Development Business: The Complete Guide

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