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Udemy – Operating Systems from Scratch – Part 1/2 2019-1

Udemy – Operating Systems from Scratch – Part 1/2 2019-1
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Udemy - Operating Systems from Scratch - Part 1/2 2019-1

Operating Systems from scratch is the name of the video tutorial in the field of software and information technology and in the operating system branch. In this tutorial, published by the publisher in two separate sections, you will begin to learn the operating system concepts from the initial level. The concepts you will encounter in these two phases include examining the types of operating system processes. You will also be fluent in managing memory through this specialist training course, especially Part 2 of this course, and you will become an OS specialist at the end of this course.

Also, you will know the dear students how to process the processor, as well as the types of algorithms available on the operating system. You also do not need to know beforehand to watch and learn the training in these two periods, and all the operating system concepts will be transmitted to you in plain language from scratch. It is also a course for you who are following computer science and who want to understand all the processes that are done on the operating system.

Features of the Operating Systems from scratch

  • Learning the basic and simplest concepts of the operating system in plain and fluent language
  • Learn the concepts of operating systems in advanced
  • Learn how to process CPUs in a variety of operating systems
  • Learn various programming algorithms used in operating systems
  • Learn Memory Management Strategies Used by the Operating System

Operating Systems from scratch:

  • Publisher: Udemy
  • Teacher: Vignesh Sekar
  • Level: Advanced to advanced
  • Duration: 08:33:36 / 12:21:54
  • Number of lessons: 67/104
  • English language

Course Schedules for Operating Systems from scratch

Part 1

Course content 
67 lectures 08:33:36

2 lectures 02:44

Introduction to Operating Systems
4 lectures 43:28

Operating System Concepts
5 lectures 50:47

CPU Scheduling Algorithms – SJF, SRTF, FCFS
15 lectures 01:54:58

Comparison of FCFS, SJF and SRTF – Advantages and Disadvantages
4 lectures 41:30

CPU Scheduling Algorithms – LJF, LRTF, Priority-based, HRRN
22 lectures 02:19:13

Basics of Number System
2 lectures 13:46

Memory Allocation Techniques
12 lectures 01:46:40

How to proceed further
1 lecture 00:44

Part 2

Course content 
104 lectures 12:21:54

2 lectures 07:55

Basics of Memory Management (Cover only if you have not watched part 1)
13 lectures 01:48:33

11 lectures 01:36:36

Problems in Paging
6 lectures 29:58

Multilevel Paging
6 lectures 51:34

Multilevel Paging Problems
10 lectures 01:36:35

Page Table Entry
6 lectures 29:41

Page Table Entry Problems
5 lectures 32:36

Virtual Memory
2 lectures 18:08

Average Memory Access Time (AMAT)
5 lectures 34:07

Translation Lookaside Buffer (TLB)
6 lectures at 39:38

Problems are at TLB
4 lectures 18:26

Frame Allocation
7 lectures 56:08

Page Replacement Algorithms
16 lectures 01:31:48

Advanced Problems on Page Replacement Algorithms
4 lectures 29:46

What Next
1 lecture 00:30


Part 1

  • Have a PC with internet connection
  • Even ZERO knowledge in the Operating Systems is fine – I’ll teach you everything you need to know

Part 2

  • Have a PC with internet connection
  • Should have watched my Operating Systems from Scratch – Part 1 course (or) You should be aware of the basics of operating systems, computers


Operating systems from scratch

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Operating Systems from scratch – Part 1

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Operating Systems from scratch – Part 2

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Part One: 6.66 GB

Second part: 16.6 GB


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