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Udemy – MATLAB Master Class: Go from Beginner to Expert in MATLAB 2019-7

Udemy - MATLAB Master Class: Go from Beginner to Expert in MATLAB 2019-7

The MATLAB Master Class: Go from Beginner to Expert, is the name of the MATLAB visual language learning suite. MATLAB is one of the leading and essential languages ​​in the programming world, and almost all engineers in the field are familiar with the language. This video course will provide you with everything you need to know about Matlab programming from basic to advanced. At first you will be familiar with the basic concepts of MATLAB, and then you will develop this language in a more advanced way and finally be able to solve and analyze problems.

In this tutorial you will cherish students in various fields with concepts such as basic and advanced mathematics, file management and text processing, advanced data types in MATLAB, machine learning for data science using MATLAB, machine learning data processing and You will know many more. Of course, all of the above are just a small part of what you learn in the MATLAB Master Class. The course is also designed and published for all students and engineers in various disciplines seeking to learn MATLAB programming.

Courses taught in this course:

  • Learn basic to advanced programming with MATLAB
  • Familiarity with data structure and its types at basic to advanced levels
  • Able to analyze and troubleshoot problems in various projects
  • Perform basic math, matrix operations, advanced math functions and more
  • Learn how to process and classify data types
  • Mastering Machine Learning for data science
  • And…

MATLAB Master Class Course Specifications: Go from Beginner to Expert

  • English language
  • Duration: 29 hours and 25 minutes
  • Number of courses: 246
  • Teacher: Nouman Azam
  • File format: mp4

MATLAB Master Class: Go from Beginner to Expert

Course content
246 lectures 29:25:50

Course and Instructor Introduction
2 lectures 09:17

———— Part 1: MATLAB from Beginer to Advance —————–
3 lectures 13:08

Segment 1.1: Handling variables and Creating Scripts
5 lectures 28:32

Segment 1.2: Doing Basic Maths in MATLAB
14 lectures 01:19:20

Segment 1.3: Operations on Matrices
16 lectures 01:16:08

Segment 1.4: Advance Math Functions with Symbolic Data Type
5 lectures 29:31

Segment 1.5: Interacting with MATLAB and Graphics
17 lectures 01:54:02

Segment 1.6: Importing Data into MATLAB
8 lectures 34:30

Segment 1.7: MATLAB Programming
11 lectures 01:11:47

Segment 1.8: Making your own functions
4 lectures 25:08

Segment 1.9: Sharing your MATLAB Results
2 lectures 18:14

———— Part 2: Advance MATLAB Data Types ———————-
1 lecture 02:24

Segment 2.1: Cell Data Type
4 lectures 33:01

Segment 2.2: Tables and Time Tables
14 lectures 01:44:21

Segment 2.3: Working with Structures and Map Container Data Type
7 lectures 46:20

Segment 2.4: Data Types Conversions
4 lectures 33:52

MATLAB Master Class: Go from Beginner to Expert Course Content

———– Part 3: Machine Learning for Data Science using MATLAB ————
1 lecture 01:54

Segment 3.1: Data Preprocessing
11 lectures 01:08:56

Segment 3.2: Classification 
1 reading 00:03

Segment 3.2.1: K-Nearest Neighbor
8 lectures 01:03:49

Segment 3.2.2: Naive Bayes
4 lectures 36:48

Segment 3.2.3: Decision Trees
4 lectures 33:34

Segment 3.2.4: Support Vector Machines
4 lectures 38:13

Segment 3.2.5: Discriminant Analysis
3 lectures 22:16

Segment 3.2.6: Sets 
3 readings 36:10

Segment 3.2.7: Performance Evaluation
5 lectures 56:57

Segment 3.3: Clustering
1 lecture 00:02

Segment 3.3.1: K-Means
4 lectures 55:45

Segment 3.3.2: Hierarchical Clustering
3 lectures 44:44

Segment 3.4: Dimensionality Reduction
4 lectures 38:23

Segment 3.5: Project: Malware Analysis
6 lectures 41:31

MATLAB Master Class Course Content

————- Part 4: Data Preprocessing for Machine Learning using MATLAB —–
1 lecture 04:24

Segment 4.1: Handling Missing Values
6 lectures 53:16

Segment 4.2: Dealing with Categorical Variables
5 lectures 38:28

Segment 4.3: Outlier Detection
9 lectures 01:21:32

Segment 4.4: Feature Scaling and Data Discretization
4 lectures 32:15

Segment 4.5: Project: Selecting the Right Method for your Data
3 lectures 27:54

———– Part 5: Regular Expressions using Matlab ————
1 lecture 02:38

Segment 5.1: Introduction to Regular Expressions
5 lectures 34:19

Segment 5.2: Character Classes
5 lectures 33:24

Segment 5.3: Anchors and Word Boundaries
5 lectures 30:19

Segement 5.4: Repetitiongs using Quantifiers
4 lectures 31:16

Segment 5.5: Group Constructs
6 lectures 37:41

Segment 5.6: Assertions, Conditions and Backreferencing
7 lectures 52:40

Segment 5.7: Practical Examples
5 lectures 46:59

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1 lecture 00:01

Prerequisites for the MATLAB Master Class: Go from Beginner to Expert

MATLAB Master Class Requirements

  • We cover everything from scratch and therefore do not require any prior knowledge of MATLAB
  • The installation of MATLAB software on your machine is a must for this course so that you are able to run the commands and scripts that we cover during the course. If you do not have the MATLAB software installed than you may consider the following options
  • 1. You may download a free trail copy of the software from the MATHWORK website. This is for limited time use
  • 2. If you are student or employee, you may contact your School or employer for a free copy. Many universities offer a free student version of the software
  • 3. You may consider downloading the Octave which is a free and has nearly identical functionality as that of MATLAB. (I would not recommend this option since you may not be able to have access to all the functions that we cover in this course)
  • 4. If none of the above works for you, then you may purchase the student version directly from Mathworks website which is significantly lower in cost compare to its full version


MATLAB Master Class: Go from Beginner to Expert

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