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Udemy – Flutter & Firebase: Build a Complete App for iOS & Android 2020-2

Udemy - Flutter & Firebase: Build a Complete App for iOS & Android 2020-2

Flutter & Firebase: Build a Complete App for iOS & Android The name is a tutorial from Udemy, which teaches you how to build mobile apps for Android and iOS using Dart, Flutter and Firebase. Flutter is a mobile Google framework used to build native mobile software. This framework is very powerful and makes it easy for you to build software by presenting a set of creative widgets.

In this tutorial you will be thoroughly familiar with Flutter framework, Dart programming language, and Firebase development platform and learn how to create beautiful and fast software for Android and iOS. At the beginning of the course, you will be introduced to the introductory topics of Flutter and will gradually learn other advanced mobile programming concepts. You do not need any prerequisites to watch this course and you can start developing mobile software without any previous programming experience.

Courses taught in this course:

  • Build mobile applications with Flutter and Firebase
  • Build apps for Android and iOS with a basic code
  • Write code ready for mobile application development
  • Dart programming language training
  • Native mobile software development

Flutter & Firebase course specifications: Build a Complete App for iOS & Android:

  • English language
  • Duration: 21 hours 58 minutes
  • Number of courses: 421
  • Level of education: Intermediate
  • Instructor: Andrea Bizzotto
  • File format: mp4

Flutter & Firebase Courses: Build a Complete App for iOS & Android:

421 lectures 21:58:23

Course Introduction
5 lectures 12:54

Introduction to Dart
37 lectures 01:38:35

Flutter setup on macOS
11 lectures 31:03

Flutter setup on Windows
9 lectures 22:35

Introduction to Flutter
14 lectures 30:06

Building Layouts
39 lectures 02:09:02

Firebase Authentication
16 lectures 55:12

Full Authentication Flow, State Management & Dependency Injection
18 lectures 01:00:24

Streams and StreamBuilder
14 lectures 40:05

Google and Facebook Sign-In
18 lectures 58:17

Email & Password Sign-In Handling Text Input
26 lectures 01:30:30

Platform-Aware Dialogs
11 lectures 38:36

Scoped Access with InheritedWidget and Provider
9 lectures 28:33

Polishing the Authentication Flows
9 lectures 26:10

28 lectures 01:38:10

State Management with Provider
13 lectures 40:03

Databases and Cloud Firestore
28 lectures 01:32:56

Working with Forms and Cloud Firestore
17 lectures 59:16

Working with ListViews and multiple UI states
7 lectures 27:23

Working with Date & Time Pickers, more on Cloud Firestore
16 lectures 48:15

Bottom Navigation with the Cupertino widgets
15 lectures 46:27

Advanced Stream Operations with RxDart
13 lectures 35:44

Completing the Time Tracker App
6 lectures 14:22

Unit & Widget Tests with Mockito
40 lectures 02:11:52

Conclusion and Next Steps
2 lectures 04:23

Flutter & Firebase Course Requirements: Build a Complete App for iOS & Android:

  • Experience with another programming language is beneficial, but not strictly required
  • NO prior Dart, Flutter and Firebase experience required
  • NO prior mobile app development experience required


Flutter & Firebase: Build a Complete App for iOS & Android

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