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Topaz Labs AIGigapixel v1.0.1

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Topaz have announced some smart new software for upscaling images called AI Gigapixel , a new standalone software package that lets you resize images either to a specific size or up to 600%.

About AIGigapixel. Topaz AI Gigapixel is a standalone application only (made from a plugin or Topaz Studio adjustment) for batch resizing your images. It uses the power of Topaz’s proprietary Artistic Intelligence engine to make sharper and clearer upscaled images than traditional upscaling tools.

Required system

OS: Windows 7even or newer (x64)


Manufacturer: Topaz Labs LLC 
File Size: 325.6 MB
Release Date:
 12:00 – 1397/6/28 | 19/09/2018

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