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Supercopier Multilingual

Supercopier Multilingual
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Supercopier Multilingual

Supercopier is a software application for transferring all types of your computer files. With this software, Copy and Cut operations are performed at a much higher speed on your computer. You will not need this tool to transfer files of low volume. But sometimes you plan to transfer bulky files. To transfer bulk files you need to use this software. A significant reduction in the speed of data transfer is the main function of this software. Transferring your files using this software will be effortless.

The Supercopier software will be installed on your computer as a small volume tool. Working with this software is also very simple and everyone will be able to use this software. This software utilizes the very key functionality drag & drop for data transfer. With this feature you will be able to transfer all your files. You will also be able to configure the software on your hands. Ultimately, as mentioned, this software will be applied during bulk uploads.

Features of the Supercopier

  • Increase the speed of transferring your computer files with efficient solutions
  • Utilize the ability to interrupt and continue to transfer your files
  • Ability to control the speed of transferring your files
  • There will be no limit to the file transfer size
  • Reporting in case of possible errors and errors
  • Screen more advanced than Windows itself

Required system 

Operating Systems

Windows 10

Windows 8 / 8.1

Windows 7

Windows vista

Windows XP


Supercopier Multilingual

Installation guide

This application is free.

Download link

Download Supercopier_1.6.0.2_Multilingual

Password (s): Password:


12 MB

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