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StrategyQuant X Pro Build 115

StrategyQuant X Pro Build 115

StrategyQuant X , the name of the software is very functional and effective in the field of marketing. The creators of this product believe that this software is able to polish your job as the most powerful platform for the production, development and research of business strategies. The software that comes with you also has the ability to work in any market and work. You will also become a successful trader using this software without any programming skills. With the help of this software you can analyze and analyze your data and information in order to increase profitability and efficiency.

With StrategyQuant X you can find high-quality strategies for your work. With the help of this software you can access and find new potential solutions or business ideas. Also, when you use this software as a user, commercial errors caused by human factors are reduced to a great deal. All of the algorithmic strategies of this software are carefully and you can safely enter your own marketing business with this software.

Also, the software comes with a lot of unique features. As mentioned, you do not need to have programming to work with this software. This means that you can achieve the best possible results with the least knowledge. On the other hand, this software has the capabilities that it has and among thousands of business strategies can be the best option for you.

Features of StrategyQuant X

  • A very simple user interface to understand the user of this application
  • The ability to generate, develop, and research your business strategies
  • Enhance productivity in your entrepreneurship
  • The benefit of the workflow is completely automated and customizable
  • Become a successful trader with no programming skills
  • See the analysis done on the chart
  • Benefit from the unique features that give you success
  • Reducing commercial errors caused by human factors
  • Ability to trade with a rare method

Required system

StrategyQuant X System Requirements

Operating Systems
Windows 8 
Windows 7 
Windows Vista 
Windows XP

Recommended Hardware
Processor: 1.2 GHz processor 
Memory: 512 MB RAM 
Disk space: 500 MB hard disk space

Please DO NOT install StrategyQuant to the standard C: \ Program Files directory! 
It may not work correctly because Windows security settings do not allow the program to write to 
its data files. 
Instead, install it to any normal drive or directory on the disk, such as C: \ StrategyQuant 
or C: \ Trading \ StrategyQuant



Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

Download link

Download StrategyQuant X as ZIP archive (always latest build)

To buy crack version program amounted to 55 thousand dollars this way or 55 dollars via pay.

After paying through the contact form, let us know how to send the download link to you.

Password (s): Password:


294 MB


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