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SmartPLS Professional 3.2.8 x64

SmartPLS Professional 3.2.8 x64
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SmartPLS Professional 3.2.8 x64

SmartPLS , the name of the software engineering and specialized in the field of structural equation modeling. With this software you will be able to perform the PLS-SEM in just one minute. It is also easy to work with this software. According to the bosses and scientists, the software is a tool that can be used as a turning point for modeling hidden variables. The software comes with a combination of advanced artistic techniques. The user interface of this software also has a very good status. As mentioned, working with this software is simple with its user interface and you will be able to use the graphical features of this software.

In SmartPLS software, advanced analytics are very simple. This software is capable of performing very powerful modeling in a very convenient environment for you in less than a minute. Also, given the ability to manage the project, you are able to manage your projects well. You will also be able to customize your built-in models using existing colors, borders and fonts. Ultimately, with the predefined assumptions and algorithms, this software makes it easier than ever to make your project.

Features SmartPLS:

  • Enjoy the very convenient interface that simplifies your work
  • Perform powerful modeling in a graphical environment
  • The ability to manage your project in order to keep track of your work
  • Ability to customize your models by changing the colors, borders and fonts of the models
  • Benefit from pre-made algorithms and preconditions
  • Provide highly detailed, complete reports for viewing your modeling results
  • Ability to save your reports and results in HTML and Excel file format
  • Ability to create different groups for data types
  • Availability of equilibrium conditions in order to analyze the correct and perfect

Advantages and advantages of SmartPLS over IBM SPSS Amos and LISREL ;

– User-friendly graphics environment

– The requirement for sample size is much lower than other methods

– Ability to test structural modeling with abnormal data (other software data must be normal)

– Perform “constructive” modeling, in addition to doing the “reflective” modeling type

– Having higher predictive power

– Performing more assumptions

Required system 

Operating Systems

Windows 10

Windows 8 / 8.1

Windows 7

Windows vista

Windows XP

Windows 2000


SmartPLS Professional 3.2.8 x64

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

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