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Rufus 3.4.1430 Multilingual

Rufus 3.4.1430 Multilingual
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Rufus 3.4.1430 Multilingual

With the increase in the size of the image of some versions of Windows, users will be forced to make discs with more capacity than ordinary DVDs or DVDs, but it’s easier and better to replace USB flash drives and flash drives instead of optical discs. There are various software for copying and burning Windows images and other image files of boot-able operating systems and software on USB storage, where the free and open source Rufus software is one of the fastest, most compact, and easiest of these software.

Features of Rufus Software :

– Very low

– No need to install

– Fast and easy environment without complicated settings

– Very high speed copying and burning operations

– Ability to burn image types of operating systems

– Full support for GPT standards (abbreviated to GUID Partition Table) and UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) for burning new windows with required standards.

– Ability to create bootblas flashes along with updates for all types of BIOS

The set of changes made to Rufus is visible here .

Rufus Tips :

– This app does not require installation and portable mode.

– By selecting an image and importing it into the program, the settings are automatically adapted to the image type and usually there is no need to change the settings.

– To find out more about the features and the supported and compatible features of this program, see the Frequently Asked Questions list here .

Required system

.Windows XP or later, 32 or 64 bit does not matter. Once downloaded, the application is ready to use



Installation guide

This app is free and does not have any time and structure constraints.

Download link

Download Rufus_3.4.1430

Password (s): Password:


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