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Primo Ramdisk Ultimate 6.1.0 / Server 6.3.1

Primo Ramdisk Ultimate 6.1.0 / Server 6.3.1

Primo Ramdisk is great software for speeding up reading and writing on hard drives. If your RAM is high, this program can have a great effect on speeding up the system. If a computer is under heavy processing conditions, such as rendering, mixing movies, playing games, etc., a lot of RAM is often released. Would not it be better to consider part of this space as a virtual drive? This work can easily be done by the Ramadisc program. In fact, the idea of making the application of this funtion to quickly access random memory (RAM) is much higher than memory, hard disk, so you can assign part of the space to a virtual disk, simulated environment as one of the drives HDD To consider.

Since the drive is in RAM, the speed of reading and writing is very high. Note that the program will automatically migrate the data in the virtual memory to the hard drive before the system shuts down, and when it reboots, it will again transfer this information to the virtual drive. Depending on the amount of memory you can make up to 128 different virtual disks. From the perspective of Windows, these discs do not differ much from physical hard drives and look exactly like them. This program can dynamically allocate to memory-driven disks. It is also possible to create hybrid disks consisting of memory and hard drives.

Features of Primo Ramdisk:

  • Possibility to create RamDisc, DiskDisk and File Disk
  • Ability to make single-use virtual disks
  • Possibility to build 128 virtual disks
  • Provides dynamic memory management
  • The ability to use the RAM memory
  • Supports all types of FAT / FAT32 / NTFS file systems
  • Ability to define labels, serial numbers and virtual drive names

required system

Supported Operating Systems

Primo Ramdisk Server Edition:
All versions of Windows Server 2003 (R2) / 2008 (R2) / 2012 (R2), including x86 and x64 editions.

Primo Ramdisk Standard / Professional / Ultimate Edition:
All versions of Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10, including x86 and x64 editions.


Primo Ramdisk

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

Download link

Download Primo_Ramdisk_Ultimate_Edition_6.1.0

Download Primo_Ramdisk_Server_Edition_6.3.1_Multilingual

Download Primo_Ramdisk_Professional_Edition_5.7.0_x86-x64

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