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PostSharp 6.2.9 Ultimate / Enterprise / Professional

PostSharp 6.2.9 Ultimate / Enterprise / Professional

PostSharp is a very suitable tool for ASP (AOP) programming on .NET. PostSharp is used to remove additional codes that cause memory retention and thus slow down the program. This software makes aspect-oriented programming much easier.


Features and Features of PostSharp Tool:

– Avoid copying the code inside and around the system

– Remove the Boilerplate code

– Add a reference to PostSharp.dll

– Reduce long code

– Flexible and changeable according to your desire

– Reliable and convenient definitions

– Undo and Redo Changes to Objects

– Control various changes with one move

– Change the interface with Custom Controls

– Take care of codes against invalid inputs by Attributes

– The ability to change fields, Properties, Parameters is very easy

– Intrinsic features and strong appearance

– Ability to add and build extensions to them

– Build loggin for application without needing to change code

– Support for various .NET Framework versions

– Quick speed and performance

– Thread safe of Visual Basic and C # applications without having to re-write them

– Reducing complexities and inconsistencies in codes

– More control on the application

– Faster feedback

– Making automatic operations for Patterns to reduce time wasting and accelerating performance

– Define codes as Level

– Changing some rules

– Add the Pattern to the code lightly

– To depict patterns to better understand them



Series conducted in different versions  PostSharp from here can be downloaded and viewed .


required system

Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2017


Installation guide

Included in the text file.

download link

Download SharpCrafters_PostSharp_v6.2.9

Download SharpCrafters PostSharp 6.2.7

Password (s):


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