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Passware Kit Forensic with Agents 2017.4.0 + Portable

Passware Kit Forensic is a complete application for recovering all types of passwords that helps you to get and access any type of password from any file or web site. With this software, you can use various methods to access encrypted files. Excel and Word files, stored passwords for Internet Explorer, Outlook, Firefox, etc. You can decrypt this software.

The software interface is quite compact, and no complexity prevents your work. Even in some batches, the step-by-step guide helps you decrypt. Passware Kit Forensic has preset settings for password recovery, but you can customize the settings for attacking files. In this way, you can specify the characters that may exist in the password, and the software will unlock the file’s encryption by combining those characters in different ways. Apart from files, you can get cached files stored in Internet browsers, email management, and Internet connections. Passware Kit Forensic can easily recover the saved passwords of all your browser’s websites.

  • Software support of more than 280 file formats ( Supported formats )
  • Retrieve and report all types of passwords in the shortest time using the fastest algorithms
  • Computer Search to find all encrypted files
  • Restore passwords such as BitLocker, TrueCrypt, and Windows and Mac user passwords using recorded memory images.
  • Group password recovery of files automatically

Passware Kit Forensics Tips:

  • This software is made to retrieve stored passwords of Internet connections, Internet browsers and … and is by no means illegal.
  • Reopening the password for files in the software is such that by combining your own characters, each one will test the file and if you answer one, it will report to you. For this reason, the decryption operation may be time-consuming.

Microsoft Windows Vista, Server 2003/2008/2012, or Windows 7 / 8.x / 10 (32-bit or 64-bit) installed and configured on your system

1 GHz processor (2.4 GHz recommended)

512 MB of RAM (1 GB recommended)

150 MB of free hard disk space (more if you use custom dictionaries)

Passware Kit Forensic

Use the serial number in the Serial.txt file to activate the software.

Download Passware Kit Forensic_with Agents 2017.4.0 x86

Download Passware Kit Forensic_with Agents 2017.4.0 x64

Download Passware_Kit_Forensic_2017.4.0_x64_Portable

Download Passware Kit Forensic_BootCD Password Reset v2017.1.1.14340 Based on Windows 10 64bit

Password (s): Password:

32-bit version: 284 MB

64-bit version: 287 MB

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