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Mozilla Thunderbird 60.3.3 Windows/Linux/macOS

Mozilla Thunderbird 60.3.3 Windows/Linux/macOS
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Mozilla Thunderbird 60.3.3 for Windows / Linux / macOS

There are several ways to check and manage emails; Microsoft’s solution is to provide two regular versions of Windows, as well as a complete version of the Office Outlook suite. Mozilla Foundation, which all know it as Firefox, offers an open and powerful software, Mozilla Thunderbird, for managing emails. Mozilla Thunderbird also has email and chat features. Also, if you own the site, you can manage the emails of your site and your customers using this program without visiting Webmail.

Features of Mozilla Thunderbird Software:

– Simple and easy interface

– Superior security like the rest of Mozilla’s products

– Ability to charge emails and place digital signatures

– Full search in emails and news

– Various application extensions

– Manage and categorize emails with full settings

– Compatibility and coordination with other software. Email management and the ability to log information into software.

– Ability to detect and spam and prevent them from entering

– Compatibility of all emails

– Possibility of site newsletters or newsgroups

– Full support for Persian language

Mozilla Thunderbird Tips:

– Trial versions of the program will never be placed on the site, and only the final version will be presented.

Unlike Firefox, this program does not have a completely Persian version.

– The last version of the program is always placed on the main page of the Mozilla site, with a delay of its FTP.

Required system

Operating Systems:

Windows XP SP3

Windows Server 2003

Windows vista

Windows 7

Windows 8-8.1

Windows 10

Please note that while the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 can be used to run Thunderbird, only 32-bit builds of Thunderbird are supported at this time.

Recommended Hardware:

Pentium 4 or newer processor that supports SSE2

1GB of RAM

200MB hard drive space


Mozilla Thunderbird

Installation guide

This software is free and does not have any time and structure constraints.

Download link

 Download Mozilla_Thunderbird_60.3.3_x86

 Download Mozilla_Thunderbird_60.3.3_x64

Download version 60.3.3 for Linux x86-64

Download version 60.3.3 for macOS

Download Portable Edition

Password (s): Password:


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