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MikroTik RouterOS 6.43.4

MikroTik company produces networking products. The most important product of the company is the microprocessor operating system . The microprocessor is a routing that is made using the Linux kernel, the microcomputer operating system can also be installed on home computers, as well as a hardware-software package. The microprocessor operating system was founded in 1995 by two US university students by writing a Linux operating system. Along with the development of the 11/802 standards and the development of the hardware, the operating system also added wireless capability. The latest version of MikroTik RouterOS, version 6.43.4, has been released. This version has a Level 6 license.MikroTik-RouterOS-6_34-Level-6Tip 1 : To use this virtual machine (VM), first unzip the files and then import the OMA Template for the VM into the virtualization software. For VMware Virtual Machine
Tip 2 : In order to address the MAC Address problem, it is recommended to change the MAC Address by setting the MAC Address to the Generate button. 
Tip 3 : If after running the VM, you are asked if you copied or copied the machine, which says Copy is the answer.

Download Microtician with Licensing MikroTik RouterOS 6.43.4 Level 6

Download – Size: 51 MB

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Useful tools and utilities

Winbox version 3.18 Configuration tool for RouterOS
Netinstall RouterOS Installation tool
v3.30 mipsle All packages for version 3.30 mipsle
Wireless link calculator Wireless link probability calculator
Trafr Traffic sniffer reader for Linux distributions
BTest Bandwidth test tool for Windows
Neighbour Neighbour viewer for Windows
Atheros RouterBOARD wireless card drivers
Subnet table Network and Subnet Helper

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