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Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 v16.1.0 / 2017 v15.9.12

Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 v16.1.0 / 2017 v15.9.12

The Microsoft Visual Studio suite is the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and, in fact, Microsoft’s development suite, which is used to design and manufacture a variety of Windows software, websites and web applications. The main focus of this suite is the software design under the framework of the .NET Framework. That technology incorporates various programming languages. The initial release of the series was released in 1995 and its first official release in 1997 as Microsoft Visual Studio 97; until 2002, the collection did not support the .NET Framework, and released the release, named Visual Studio .NET 2002; NET Framework support. done. This suite includes several programming languages, including C #, C ++, C, VB.NET, as well as web programming languages ​​like XML / XSLT, HTML / XHTML, CSS, ASP.


Features and features of the Microsoft Visual Studio suite :

– Writing and developing a variety of Windows software under the .NET Framework.

– Design dynamic web pages using languages ​​like ASP.NET

– Generate mobile devices such as smartphones, PocketPCs designed with Windows infrastructure.

– Code analysis and performance testing and loading

– Creating communication between languages ​​and the ability to use each other’s capabilities

– Has different sections of the code editor, design and troubleshooting

– Full management of databases

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Installation guide

The 2017 version of Microsoft is not published as an ISO and is simply provided with an online installer; the version with all sorts of features is available offline. Each edition is equivalent to the entire collection.

Install the image file in the virtual driver, and then run the install file from the required version folder; run the vs2enter_print.exe file from the vs2017ent folder for the fullest version, ie Enterprise. Select the required option and then Download all, then install your choice.

If you need Windows ReStart, then run the program and click on “Not now, maybe later” in the window when you sign in. Finally, the Register Product from the Help menu and then click Unlock with a Product key and register using a series of text files.

For the 2019 version, it’s similar to the 2017 version, and use the following serials when installing Enterprise and Professional edits. Other edits do not need to be activated.

Visual Studio 2019 Enterprise:
Visual Studio 2019 Professional:

This version is compressed with a certain amount and its volume is less than or equal to the size of an editing of the software.

download link

Download from Microsoft


2019 Edition: 18.7 GB

2017 Edition: 43.3 GB

2015 version: 5.8 GB

2013 version: 4.8 GB

Microsoft Visual Studio package tips :

– The downloaded version is the original and complete version of Microsoft that was not tested and downloaded from its site and also without the slightest manipulation.

– This collection is usually presented in four main versions, which we provide the most complete version – Enterprise (which was available in 2013 and earlier versions of Ultimate).

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