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Microelectronics Compilers (microBasic / microC / microPascal) 2018.2

Microelectronics Compilers (microBasic / microC / microPascal) 2018.2
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MikroC PRO software AVR, the most powerful C compiler, is an excellent alternative to CodeVision software and, in every respect, is more powerful and complete with other compilers. Its prominent features are the completeness and appearances of its libraries, which really are not seen in any way. The MikroC Pro for PIC software supports over 360 PIC microcontrollers. One of the features that made it popular is having the most complete bookshops. On the other hand, the user-friendly environment and ease of use have enabled even students to use it. In the libraries of this version of the compiler, very significant changes have been made. If you use the basic language to code PIC microcontrollers, to compile, you must compile your code using the Pic Basic Pro software. The micro-engineering labs package has created powerful applications in the programming of PIC and AVR microcontrollers, which most developers have come up with with software packages from the company.

Features and Features of MikroC PRO:

– Supports all AVR microcontrollers
– Complete and up-to-date libraries
– Full support for Atmel’s microcontroller
– Having various templates and environments to prevent users from being tired and tired
– The absence of errors and unnecessary ERRORs during compilation
– Beautiful look and good environment (GUI)
– Supports mmc libraries
– 7seg code editor
– Numbers Editor in Seven Segment Making Plans
– There is a special character editor in the character’s LCD
– Supports all PIC microcontrollers
– Support for Assembly languages, ANSI C with minor modifications
– Editors and image editors for graphic LCDs or GLCDs
– Create Intel Hex, Assembly, Binary, COFF output files

List of software in this collection:

microC PRO for PIC

microC PRO for PIC32

microC PRO for dsPIC

microC PRO for AVR

microC PRO for 8051

MikroC PRO for ft90x

MikroC PRO for ARM

microBasic PRO for PIC

microBasic PRO for PIC32

microBasic PRO for dsPIC

microBasic PRO for AVR

microBasic PRO for 8051

microBasic PRO for ft90x

microBasic PRO for ARM

microPascal PRO for PIC

microPascal PRO for PIC32

microPascal PRO for dsPIC

microPascal PRO for AVR

microPascal PRO for 8051

microPascal PRO for ft90x

microPascal PRO for ARM

: Operating Systems

Windows XP

Windows vista

Windows 7

Windows 8-8.1

: Recommended Hardware

200 MHz Intel® Pentium® or AMD K-6® Class Processor or higher

64 MB of RAM

Versions 2017:

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder. Use mikroC PRO Universal Patch for mikroC versions.

Old version:

After installing, use the keygen file to make the key. Then copy it to the installation location and double click on it and hit yes.

Download MikroC_for_PIC_v7.2.0 (Apparently crack This version works for all other new releases)

Download mikroBasic_PRO_for_8051_2017_v3.6.0

Download microBasic_PRO_for_ARM_2017_v5.1.0

Download mikroBasic_PRO_for_AVR_2017_v7.0.1

Download mikroBasic_PRO_for_dsPIC_2017_v7.0.1

Download microBasic_PRO_for_ft90x_2017_v2.2.1

Download mikroBasic_PRO_for_PIC32_2017_v4.0.0

Download microBasic_PRO_for_PIC_2017_v7.1.0

Download mikroC_PRO_for_8051_2017_v3.6.0

Download mikroC_PRO_for_ARM_2017_v5.1.0.0

Download mikroC_PRO_for_AVR_2017_v7.0.1

Download mikroC_PRO_for_dsPIC_2017_v7.0.1

Download mikroC_PRO_for_ft90x_2017_v2.2.1

Download mikroC_PRO_for_PIC32_2017_v4.0.0

Download mikroC_PRO_for_PIC_2017_v7.1.0

Download mikroC_PRO_Universal_Patch_v1.0

Download mikroPascal_PRO_for_8051_2017_v3.6.0

Download mikroPascal_PRO_for_ARM_2017_v5.1.0

Download mikroPascal_PRO_for_AVR_2017_v7.0.1

Download mikroPascal_PRO_for_dsPIC_2017_v7.0.1

Download mikroPascal_PRO_for_ft90x_2017_v2.2.1

Download mikroPascal_PRO_for_PIC32_2017_v4.0.0

Download mikroPascal_PRO_for_PIC_2017_v7.1.0

Download MikroC_for_PIC_v7.0.0

Download mikroC / mikroPascal / mikroBasic PRO for 8051 3.60

Download mikroC / mikroPascal / mikroBasic PRO for ARM 4.7.1

Download mikroC / mikroPascal / mikroBasic PRO for AVR 6.11

Download mikroC / mikroPascal / mikroBasic PRO for dsPIC 6.21

Download mikroC / mikroPascal / mikroBasic PRO for FT90x 1.21

Download mikroC / mikroPascal / mikroBasic PRO for PIC32 3.60

Download mikroC / mikroPascal / mikroBasic PRO for PIC 6.63

Download MikroElektronika Visual GLCD 2.71

Download MikroElektronika Visual TFT 4.6.0

Password (s): Password:

12 + 17 + 20 + 22 + 20 MB

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