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Knowledge Base Civil Designer 2018 v8.2 Fixed

Knowledge Base Civil Designer 2018 v8.2 Fixed

Civil Designer is the name of the engineering and technical software in the field of interior design of the modern infrastructure of your projects. Using this software by architectural engineers increases the efficiency and speed of their projects. The interactive integration of this powerful software makes it easy for you to be aware of the quality of your work and be comfortable with your design. The software is also referred to as the sole integrated design of a modern, independent infrastructure.

Civil Designer has many features and features. Observing the principles of civil engineering and conducting experiments from this software is an agent that enables you to effectively and in a special way to achieve the desired design. With this software, your designs will take a more creative and clever form, and with the high productivity of this software, your speed will increase dramatically and this will save you time. .

Features of Civil Designer

  • Full compliance with the principles of engineering and civil engineering
  • Enhanced and perfect support from BIM, LandXML and DWG
  • With this software you will save time
  • Your design works better and your work productivity increases
  • Reduces your expenses in a special way
  • With this software you will be able to analyze very useful
  • Customizable structural design patterns are already pre-made
  • Road and route design, pipe network design, water grid design and road junctions design

Required system

Operating Systems

Windows 10

Windows 8 / 8.1

Windows 7

Recommended Hardware

Processor: Core i7

Memory: 8GB

Disk space: 500MB

Video: 1024 × 600 minimum / 1920 × 1080 or better supporting at least DirectX 11 Recommended


Civil Designer

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file.

Download link

The crack was reviewed on February 21 and its problems were resolved.

The purchase price of version 8.2 is 61 thousand tomans or 61 euro .

After paying through the contact form, let us know so that the download link will be sent to you.

Download Knowledge Base Civil Designer_2014

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255 MB

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