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J.River Media Center 24.0.56 Win / 24.0.53 macOS

J.River Media Center 24.0.56 Win / 24.0.53 macOS
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J.River Media Center 24.0.56 Win / 24.0.53 macOS

J.River Media Center is, as its name suggests, a music and video station . By installing this app, you can manage your video file types, songs and pictures in one place. By plugging in to the TV, this program will allow remote control of the broadcast content. You can also easily download songs on the iPod and other Apple devices. With this app, you do not need to install any separate software for playing and managing images, audio and video . In addition to playing music and movies, Media Player has the ability to manage and organize these files. It is also possible to create music discs for audio players or burn video on VCD and DVD.

JRiver Media Center supports most audio and video formats and has powerful tools for setting up a media server to stream music and playback remote video and video. In addition, it is possible to connect to Internet media such as Netflix, Monsters, LastFam / YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, Flickr and many more. With a wide range of mobile devices, music players, DLNA, etc., it can easily exchange files with all your devices. The graphical environment of the program is very simple and you will have a look at how to organize your files. Meanwhile, using the Advanced Search app, finding the file you want is easy.

Features and Features of J.River Media Center:

  • Full support for DirectShow DSP filters
  • All kinds of video, audio, video files can be played
  • View images with the ability to edit, zoom, rotate and compare them
  • Display thumbnail image files
  • Supports Photoshop Photoshop Files
  • Ability to tag files
  • Display Metadata Files
  • The ability to stream music and movies
  • Possibility to connect to Internet media such as Netflix, YouTube
  • High playback quality
  • Simple and regular graphical appearance

Required system

Hardware Requirements (Minimum)

Intel or AMD x86 Compatible CPU with SSE2 
256MB RAM 
300MB free hard disk space for installation (plus space for digital media) 
Sound device with a working WDM or ASIO driver 
DirectX-capable Graphics Card (GPU) 
Internet connection (recommended).

Software Requirements

Windows 7 and newer 
Please Note: Server editions of Windows are not officially supported. 
Microsoft Windows Media Player 
RealPlayer, QuickTime, and Microsoft DirectX may be required to play certain filetypes. 
BluRay Playback requires a non-encrypted source disc or realtime decryption software.


J.River Media Center 24.0.56 Win / 24.0.53 macOS

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

Download link

Download JRiver_Media_Center_24.0.56_Multilingual_x86

Download JRiver_Media_Center_24.0.56_Multilingual_x64

Download JRiver_Media_Center_24.0.53_Multilingual_macOS

Password (s): Password:


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