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HSPiP 5.1.03 x64

HSPiP 5.1.03 x64

HSPiP , the name of the engineering software specializing in Solubility, Dispersion, Dissolution , Chromatography, etc., which is a product of the Hansen Solubility Parameters group. With the help of this software, you can properly analyze the solubility of polymers in the solvents and related compounds, and ultimately achieve the desired result. The software you have as a complete bundle with more than 50 years of age has very precise data that will help you in your analysis in the foreground.

In fact, the HSPiP bundle consists of an e-book, software, a set of data and a portfolio of things that you have come to expect. You will be able to analyze more than 1200 chemicals based on the HSP data available on this product when using this software. With this software you can easily obtain information such as molecular formula and molecular weight, antonym coefficient, etc., and analyze them using the data in this software.

In fact, as long as you use this product, the analysis will be easy for you, given the information and data available in this product. This means that this software can help you get the best results by having your huge data and information. You can also use this software to store and share files from your desired data.

Features of HSPiP:

  • Benefit from a massive collection of data and chemical information
  • The ability to analyze a variety of chemicals for solubility has been brought to you
  • The possibility of analyzing chemicals on 3D models has been provided
  • Obtaining information such as molecular formula and molecular weight, anthony coefficient, and so on
  • Benefit from the full search capability of materials based on the name, CAS or formula
  • The ability to store and reuse your data in this software
  • Ability to share analytics and data obtained by you

Required system

HSPiP System Requirements

Operating Systems
Windows 10 
Windows 8 / 8.1 
Windows 7



Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

Download link

The purchase price is $ 48.00 or 48 euros .

After paying through the contact form, we will inform you that the download link will be sent to you.

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