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Howden Group Ventsim DESIGN Premium

Howden Group Ventsim DESIGN Premium

Ventsim Visual Premium includes all Ventsim Visual ™ Advanced features as well as VentFIRE ™ for fire simulation, VentLog ™ Ventilation Testing Software and LiveView ™ for remote data connection and display of modules. Ventsim ™ was originally introduced as a mining company in 1994 to assist in the visual design, improvement and optimization of underground ventilation systems.

The program was previously provided by Chasm Consulting, which is owned by Howden Group after its acquisition.

Features and Features of Ventsim DESIGN Premium:

  • Dynamic planning of heat and gas events: Heat, air or gas change can be introduced at dynamic intervals.
  • Radon simulation: Estimates of worker exposure levels based on radon emissions from different areas over time. Gas based on your ventilation design can stay in the mine space.
  • VentLog ™: A bundle for recording data checks, outputting designs and coatings on Ventsim models.
  • LiveView ™ Module: Connects to output data and displays and simulates data
  • VentFIRE ™ Module: To use dynamic simulation to predict the heat, gases, and flow direction
  • Flow chart and costs through a range of different sizes and types of airways
  • Show upstream routes and contaminated (or fresh) airflow concentrations
  • Distribute smoke or other pollutants through a network
  • Thermodynamic use to simulate the effects of natural ventilation
  • Heat and moisture prediction generated by diesel equipment
  • Heat and humidity prediction derived from rocky layers
  • Change the fan speed in the grid
  • There are a number of data types that can be displayed on the page as text or color

To see the full data Ventsim DESIGN Premium to here , see.

required system

Operating System: Windows 7, 8 / 8.1, 10



Installation guide

The Readme.txt file is listed inside the Crack folder.

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Download Chasm Consulting VentSim_Premium Design

Download Chasm Ventsim_Visual Premium

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