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GTA NX 2019 v1.1 Build 20180920 x64

GTA NX 2019 v1.1 Build 20180920 x64

GTS NX is the name of the software engineering and specialized in the analysis of geosystem systems in the midas engineering group. Using this software, you can analyze various data such as drilling, complex tunneling systems, intrusive analysis, stabilization analysis, soil design, dynamic analysis and slope. The upcoming software also has a user-friendly advanced platform for modeling that brings you the level of precision and performance. The creators of this product believe that this software is a new generation of geotechnical systems analysis software.

The GTS NX software fully utilizes the latest 64-bit GUI. The benefits of this software make it very user-friendly so that you can easily get to know the work process and quickly analyze the geotechnical systems you are looking for. The speed of quick analysis, superb graphics and user output capabilities encounter a new and advanced level of geotechnical design.

Also, quoting the creators of this product, you will be able to model and simulate the most sophisticated models in this software with the help of this software. The software you are running is also an optimal mix of tetrahedral and hexahedron elements. Despite the hexahedron element, the results obtained by this software will be more accurate. On the other hand, the presence of the tetrahedral element will also make modeling more clear curves.

Features of GTS NX

  • Benefit from a 64-bit user interface
  • The possibility of modeling the very complex models with the capabilities of this software
  • Provides very useful ways for your projects
  • Benefit from an efficient solution for analyzing various data types
  • Enjoy powerful processing to get better results
  • A simple conversion of AutoCAD maps into the GTS model

Required system

GTS NX System Requirements

Operating Systems

Windows 7

Windows Vista (In the Windows Vista Operating System, a program compatibility issue occurs in some functionality.)

Windows XP

Recommended Hardware

Processor: Pentium IV or better performing PC processor (Pentium IV 3GHz or higher recommended)

Memory: 1GB (2GB or greater recommended)

Disk space: 5GB (30GB or greater recommended)

Video Memory: 128 MB or greater

Video Card: GeForce NVIDIA type video card recommended (On-board video card is not recommended.)



Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file.

Download link

The purchase price of this software is 98 $ per month or $ 98 .

This version has no limitations in terms of structure, time, system and user. Unable to update.

After the payment, let us know via the contact form .

Password (s): Password:


2 GB


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