Downloadly » Download » Episode Basharat Sadeghi episode 1 through 13 (last) with excellent quality

Episode Basharat Sadeghi episode 1 through 13 (last) with excellent quality

Episode Basharat Sadeghi episode 1 through 13 (last) with excellent quality

The serial “Goodwill” is the name of the television series centered on the story of Christ from the Barnabas Gospel. In fact, the series was one of the network collections of Sima, which went on to the antenna in 2010. Serial Basharat Maghaji in 13 episodes was created in 2008 by Nader Talebzadeh.

The story of the gospel of the Savior

The story of the series is that, when the priests, the Romans and the corrupt government of Herods dominated the affairs of Judea (Palestine), a prophet appeared as a sign of monotheism and mysticism. He resisted the force and the corruption of the Herods and the Romans, but the deceitful priests fell into effect, and he said to the will of his godmother and arose.

Serial description:

According to the official interview of the director of this series, the idea and early design of the serial “The Good News” by Mr. Seyyed Mohammad Qa’im have been prepared. The main focus of the story, briefly mentioned earlier, is based on the book Barnabas. Nader Talebzadeh, director of this television series, has been working on this topic for about four years now. In the meantime, the director has talked with Mr. Seyyed Mohammad Ghaem and Seyyed Morteza Avini of long-term talks about making the series.

Of course, it should be noted that the director has confirmed that the sources used to make this series include the Holy Quran, Islamic narrations, Gospel Barnabas and the four Gospels in the sacred texts.

Actors, agents and brief explanations of the serials of the gospel of the Savior

Genre: Historical-Religious

Year of production: 2008

Manufacturer: Iran

Farsi language

Number of episodes: 13 episodes

Broadcast Network: Network One

Director: Nader Talebzadeh

Cast: Ahmad Najafi, Fath Ali Ovissi, Ahmad Soleymannia, Morteza Zarrabi, Akbar Sangi, Reza Saeedi, Valiollah Momeni, Afshin Zarei, Sirous Osaghi and …


Blessed Guild series

Installation guide

Download and view your device.

The file format is MP4.

The preview version, as the full version, is broadcast from a network of 13 episodes.

It should be noted that according to the year of the broadcast, the video quality is 420p.

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