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EduIQ Classroom Spy Professional 4.5.2

EduIQ Classroom Spy Professional 4.5.2
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EduIQ Classroom Spy Professional 4.5.2

Classroom Spy is a highly efficient software for monitoring and monitoring networked systems. Through this program you can completely control networked computers. They saw their monitor page, sent them a message, remotely shut down or reset the system. Or lock the system for a specific time. It’s possible to hide the computer screen you are shooting. In fact, the application is more for classrooms, for example, a teacher can see exactly what his students are doing, without having to attend the school system. Are they busy doing their tasks or browsing the web!

With this program you are able to access any networked computers. Interrupt your internet connection. Also, you may need to do things on your computer without the presence of a user’s system with a mouse and keyboard. Here you can remotely view the user’s monitor page in full screen and do the job. You can see the monitor of all network users as an ordered table. In fact, this will make your computer a complete monitoring station. You can also send a general message to all systems under the control. This message can be a message to do a job. Subscribing to a specific route or anything else. This program provides many features in monitoring network systems and is one of the best programs in this field.

Features of Classroom Spy:

  • Simple and tidy graphic environment
  • View the monitor screen of all systems together and at the same time
  • Full screen view of the system
  • Ability to control the mouse and keyboard target system
  • Possibility to send single or group messages to systems
  • Ability to lacquer, reset, shutdown, log off of the desired system
  • Ability to control the user’s Internet
  • Do a remote job on the desired system
  • Capable of filming the user’s page secretly and sending the final video to the administrator’s computer
  • Ability to group computers in different categories (suitable for classroom and classroom groupings)

Required system

Windows XP, Windows 2003 Windows Vista (32/64) bit 
Windows 7 (32/64) bit 
Windows 8 / 8.1 (32/64) bit 
Windows 10 (32/64) bit 
Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and up


Classroom Spy

Installation guide

Copy the file in the Crack folder at the software installation location.

Download link

Download EduIQ_Classroom_Spy_Professional_4.5.2

Password (s):


34 MB

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