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DevExpress Universal for .NET 17.2.7 / VCL 17.2.4 for D10.2 Tokyo

DevExpress Universal for .NET 17.2.7 / VCL 17.2.4 for D10.2 Tokyo
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Developer Express was founded in 1998 and delivers Delphi and C ++ Builder components as well as .NET components. DevExpress quickly became one of the top providers of programming components. Features such as designing user interfaces with graphics and advanced and advanced features, full and accurate reporting for a variety of desktop and mobile platforms, as well as a tool for examining how to fix the programming code error in Visual Studio by this collection.


An overview of the components included in the collection DevExpress Universal for .NET :

WinForms Controls

ASP.NET WebForms Controls

ASP.NET MVC Extensions

WPF Controls

Silverlight Controls


Windows 8 XAML Controls

HTML JS Data Visualization Widgets

HTML JS Multi-Use Widgets

Data Visualization Dashboard

Report Server

eXpressApp Framework

TestCafé – Functional Web Testing

Coded UI Support for WinForms Controls


DevExtreme Mobile App Framework


An overview of the components included in the collection DevExpress VCL for Delphi & C ++ Builder :


Reports & Analytics

Navigation & Layout

Data Editors

Utility and Multi-Use Controls

Controllers and Repository Controls


A set of changes made in a variety of components Here Is visible.


Hints :

Because of the high number of components, sources, tools, and so on, their continuous and asynchronous updates do not necessarily update the post to update each file.

– NET Component Set. Cracked and VCL components are cracked along with sourses.

Unfortunately, there is no possibility to test the components. For cracking the version of the dataset, if you do, please apply through our contact form.

– The documentation, manuals, tools, and resources for the DotNet components are individually located.

– The Universal Collection contains all the components of the DAC, and includes the DXperience collection and is the most complete version. To view component details and compare different versions, Here see. Also details of VCL components, in this page Is visible.

– The version of the VCL components is compatible with the latest Delphi version, XE8.

The latest version of DxAutoInstaller and the other two tools to install the latest version of VCL components are also provided.

– Complete localization package including Persian language.

Supported versions DevExpress Universal for .NET :


.NET Framework 4.0+


Visual Studio 2010

Visual Studio 2012

Visual Studio 2013

Visual Studio 2015

To see more precisely the requirements that are compatible with different components Here see.

Supported versions DevExpress VCL for Delphi & C ++ Builder :

Borland Delphi 7

CodeGear Delphi & C ++ Builder 2007

Embarcadero Delphi & C ++ Builder 2010

Embarcadero Delphi & C ++ Builder XE

Embarcadero Delphi & C ++ Builder XE2 x86 / x64

Embarcadero Delphi & C ++ Builder XE3 x86 / x64

Embarcadero Delphi & C ++ Builder XE4 x86 / x64

Embarcadero Delphi & C ++ Builder XE5 x86 / x64

Embarcadero Delphi & C ++ Builder XE6 x86 / x64

Embarcadero Delphi & C ++ Builder XE7 x86 / x64

Embarcadero Delphi & C ++ Builder XE8 x86 / x64

To activate the Universal Setup, after installation, first unplug the Visual Studio environment, and then run and apply the Patch_DownLoadLy.iR.exe file in the Crack folder with Run as administrator. If the previous version of Patch is applied, it will be automatically deleted. The supplied patch is available for versions 14 and upgraded crack for version 15.

To install the VCL suite, the best way to use the DevExpress VCL Components Automatic Installer tool or DxAutoInstaller is to easily install and use VCL components and sources.

DevExpress Universal for .NET Components with Guides, Documentation, Sources and Localization Package

Version 17:

Download DevExpress_Universal_Complete_17.2.7_Build_20180321

Download DevExpress_Universal_Complete_17.2.6_Build_20180302

Download DevExpress_Universal_Complete_17.2.5_Build_20180124

Download DevExpress_.Net_17.2.5_Source

Download DevExpress_NET_Subscription_Chm_Help_17.2.5

Download DevExpress_Universal_Complete_17.2.4_Build_2017-12-13

Download DevExpress_Components_17.2.4_Source

Download DevExpress_Universal_Complete_17.2.3_Build_20171116

Download DevExpress_Components_17.2.3_Source

Download DevExpress_Universal_Complete_17.1.8_Build_20170628

Download DevExpress_Universal_Complete_17.1.7_Build_20171005

Download DevExpress_Universal_Complete_17.1.6_Build_20170906

Download DevExpress_Universal_Complete_17.1.5_Build_20170802

Download DevExpress_Universal_Complete_17.1.4_Build_20170628

Download DevExpress_Universal_Complete_17.1.3_Build_20170518

Download DevExpress_Universal_Patch_v8.0_by_dimaster_2017_EDITION

Download DevExpress_Patch_7_Reg

Download DevExpressComponents_17.1.3_Source

Download DevExpress 17.1.3 Developer CHM Help Files

Version 16

Download DevExpress_Universal_Complete_16.2.6_Build_20170329

Download DevExpress_DXperience_Subscription_Loader_4_Install_Sources

Download DevExpress_Components_16.2.6.17090_Source

Download DevExpress_Patch_8.0_for_Visual_Studio_2017

Download DevExpress_Universal_Complete_16.2.5_Build_20170228

Download DevExpress_Universal_Complete_16.2.4_Build_20170118

Download DevExpress_Universal_Complete_16.2.3_Build_20161214

Download DevExpress_.NET_Subscription_CHM_Help_16.2.3

Download DevExpress_Universal_Complete_16.1.6_Build_20160907

Download DevExpress_Universal_Complete_16.1.5_Build_20160802

Download DevExpress_Components_Help_16.1.5

Download DevExpress_Universal Complete 16.1.4 Build 20160622

Download Devexpress_Universal 16.1.4 Source Code

Download DevExpress_Components for .Net 16.1.4

Download DevExpress_Localized Resources 2016 English

Version 15

Download DevExpress_Universal Complete 15.2.10 Build 20160601

Download DevExpress_Components_Help 15.2.10

Download DevExpress_Universal Complete 15.2.9 Build 20160407

Download DevExpress_Universal 15.2.9 Source Code

Download DevExtreme Sources 15.2.9

Download DevExpress_.NET_Subscription_CHM_Help 15.2.9

Version 14

Download DevExpress_.NET Components – DXperience – The 300 megabytes

Download DevExpress_.NET CodeRush 14.2.7 – The 15.7 MB

Download DevExpress_.NET DevExtreme 14.2.7 – The 76.1 megabytes

Download Kirk – 540 KB

Download DevExpress_.NET Sources – DXperience – The 65.6 MB

Download the 14.2.7 Directories (Subscription CHM Help) – The 499 MB

Download the 14.2.3 Documentation (Documentation or Components Help). The 251 MB

Download Localization Resources 14.2 – The 33.6 MB

DevExpress VCL for Delphi & C ++ Builder Component Collection with Sources And installation tool

Download DxAutoInstaller_v2.1.9_Tokyo_Supported

VCL 16:

Download DevExpress_VCL_17.2.4_Full_Source_with_DxAutoInstaller_2.1.9

Download DevExpress_VCL_16.2.5_Full_Source_up_to_DX_10.2.2_Tokyo

Download DevExpress_VCL_16.2.5_Full_Source

Download DevExpress_VCL_16.1.2_Full_Sources

Download DevExpress_16.1.2_Watermark_Remover

Download DxAutoInstaller v2.1.7_Tokyo

Version 15:

Download DevExpress_VCL_15.2.11_Full_Sources_DxAutoInstaller_2.1.7_For_D10.2_Tokyo

Download DevExpress_VCL_15.2.11

Download Devexpress_15.2.2_Delphi_10.2_Tokyo

Download DevExpress_VCL 15.2.2 Full Source XE10-10.1 + DxAutoInstaller 2.1.5

Version 14.2

Download VCL 14.2.2 RAD Studio 10 Seattle

Download version 14.2.2 for editing XE8 Components and Sources – The 273 MB

Download 14.2.2 Components and Sources – The 738 MB

Download Auto Install Tools – The 6.58 megabytes

DevExpress DXperience Subscription Loader

Download DevExpress_DXperience_Subscription_Loader_5

Password (s): Password:

Sum of the latest .NET installs: The 360 megabytes

The latest VCL package: The 273 MB


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