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Code with Mosh – Mastering React

Code with Mosh - Mastering React

Mastering React is the name of a video tutorial in the field of web programming and development and within the React working area. According to the publisher of this training suite, you will learn everything you need by viewing this course. With React knowledge, you can quickly and efficiently create interactive solutions with highly efficient web applications. Since the release of React in 2011, this library has quickly become the most popular javascript programming language library.

The training also attempts to provide students with comprehensive reagent exercises and solutions to provide them with effective exercises and solutions. By getting this tutorial, you can also attend training sessions on your learning speed so that the effectiveness of this training kit is in a very good position.

Mastering React Course Features

You will be cherished by visiting and learning the training, tips and techniques in this tutorial to a specialist in the field of working with the React Library, which will enable you to quickly and interact with web applications. You will also have more than 200 video tutorial sessions and more than 20 hours of video in the classroom.

Course specifications:

  • Publisher: Code with Mosh
  • Moderator: Mosh Hamedani
  • Level: Advanced to advanced
  • Duration: 12 HOURS
  • Number of lessons: More than 200 lessons
  • English language

Mastering React

Getting Started

7 lectures

ES6 Refresher

14 lectures


20 lectures

Composing Components

23 lectures

Pagination, Filtering, and Sorting

27 lectures


19 lectures


25 lectures

Calling Backend Services

31 lectures

Authentication and Authorization

23 lectures


13 lectures


All you need is some basic, beginner-level familiarity with JavaScript.

You do not need to know anything about React – everything is covered in the course.


Mastering React

Installation guide

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