Downloadly » Download » Capital of the Capital 3 Episode 1 to 13 (last) High Quality

Capital of the Capital 3 Episode 1 to 13 (last) High Quality

Capital of the Capital 3 Episode 1 to 13 (last) High Quality
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Capital of the Capital 3 Episode 1 to 13 (last) High Quality

The capital’s 3rd series did not lose its popularity as in the past series. Cooperation with Sirus Moghadam and Mohsen Tanabandeh is not tedious over time, but is more than welcome to the public. The capital’s serial has become a collection that people have become accustomed to. The third series of the series was also made according to the unparalleled popularity of the people.

Capital City Series 3 Synopsis:

An ordinary peasant who has been unemployed for several months and lives in his home with his family, allows Aristotle to have his wedding at home. But in the middle of the wedding, the roof of the house of prayer collapses, and this causes annoyance between right and Aristotle, which accompanies very special events …

Caption Capital Series 3:

Genre: Comic, Social

By: Mohsen Tanabandeh | Khreshayar Alvand | Good fortune

Director: Sirus Moghaddam

Composer: Aria Aziminejad

Manufacturer: Iran

Main language: Persian

Number of episodes: 13 episodes

Capital Broadcast Series 3

The capital’s 3rd Television Series went on the TV antenna for the first time in Nowruz 2014. The capital’s collection also sparkled in this series of chapters and was re-enacted with a very special appeal from the people.

Actors and agents

Mohsen Tonabandeh: Regular Nagi

Rima Raminfar: Homa Saadat (wife of the right)

Alireza Khamseh: Baba Panaji

Ahmad Mehranfar: Aristotle Factor (Native Cousin)

Mehran Ahmadi: Improving Fariba (True husband’s husband)

Meng Han Zhang: Chu Chang (wife of Aristotle)

Hooman Haji Abdollahi: Mercy Amini (known as Mercy Chassis)

Hedayat Hashemi: Oh Musa

Nasrin Nosrati: Normal Fahimeh (sister and lawyer)

Sara Forghani Principle: Sara Normali (daughter of Naghi)

Nika Forghani Principle: Nika Normali (daughter of the right)


Capital of the Capital 3

user manual

The file format is MP4 and can be played easily on all devices.

The selected format is the best format in terms of quality relativity. The lower volume format does not have the required quality.

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Each episode is approximately 400 to 600 megabytes

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