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Burp Suite Professional 1.7.30

Burp Suite Professional is a great tool for testing websites. There are a few tools available to test all the tests needed to measure the permeability of a website.

The program claims to be capable of integrating all types of tests from basic analyzes to finding weaknesses and expulsions in an integrated way. This feature does not allow you to test individual cases for individual programs. Most of the tests for this program are done automatically and will be shown to you with the minimum amount of information.

Burp Suite Professional prioritizes their risk profile by reviewing their weaknesses and provides them with appropriate suggestions. With a wide range of features, this tool also has a great look. All parts of the program are provided with understandable phrases and explanations that leave no room for doubt. However, everywhere you have questions, you can get enough information by visiting the program guide.

The program is well-versed in the Bruce Force Penetration Test and can do a wide variety of experiments. We recommend that you use this app if you are in network security or if you plan to measure the security of your website because it is a combination of capability, beauty and simplicity.

  • Powerful page crawler
  • Advanced web page scanner with the ability to automate the process of detecting security weaknesses
  • Suitable tools for testing custom and planned attacks for specific purposes
  • Conduct bat-force attacks to test the permeability of critical parts of the site
  • Repeater tool to repeat a request many times
  • A tool for testing randy site pages
  • Ability to store work and postpone work to another time
  • High flexibility of the program (the ability to write proprietary plugins, perform custom tests based on your request)
  • And …

Burp requires a minimum of 4Gb of memory. If you are running large amounts of work, or testing large or complex applications, you may need more memory than this. If you are unsure whether your computer is suitable, you should first test the free edition of Burp Suite on your computer to ensure that it works correctly.

Burp Suite Professional

Run the Loader file.

Download Burp_Suite_Professional_1.7.30

Download Burp_Suite_Professional_1.7.26

Download Burp_Suite_Professional_1.7.17


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