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BorisFX Genarts Sapphire 2019 for After Effects / Premiere / OFX

BorisFX Genarts Sapphire 2019 for After Effects / Premiere / OFX
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BorisFX Genarts Sapphire 2019 for After Effects / Premiere / OFX

Genarts Sapphire is a collection of powerful plugins for creating visual effects and effects in movies and video files. Many of our present-day cinematic films have been decorated with numerous visual effects to make the film’s beauty and attraction more accessible to audiences. For example, brilliant lights and special colors used in some films are beautiful effects that are added to applications like Sapphire.

Using Genarts Sapphire, you can add hundreds of unique visual effects to video files. This program can be used as a plug-in for video editing software such as After Effects, AVID, etc. Using Sapphire will improve the quality of your output, and with the various tools you provide, the speed of output will increase, all of which will improve your productivity. The program uses a very powerful engine that, while increasing reliability, has a very good performance,

The speed of the Sapphire rendering is highly acceptable, and the rendering engine is either RealTime or moment-based, that is, by applying any kind of modification or adding of any kind of effect, rendering is done instantaneously and you will see the changes at the same time. This will duplicate the render operation and see the changes, and you’ll see live changes that you make.

Features of the Sapphire Genarts:

  •  High creativity in creating visual effects
  • The results are real and quite natural
  • Quickly repeat the selected effects on different parts
  • Rendering at the moment and displaying instant results by applying any changes
  • Reliable rendering engine
  • High speed rendering and processing

Required system

Tech Specifications:
– Resolution independent – HD, 2K, Ultra HD, 4K, 8K, etc.
– Floating Point Processing – Full-floating point processing for improved image quality and full 32-bit HDR support
– 64-bit enabled – Expanded memory capabilities
– Multiprocessor support
– GPU acceleration available for NVIDIA cards only. The latest NVIDIA CUDA card and driver is recommended.


Genarts Sapphire

Installation guide

Follow the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

Download link


Download Boris_FX_Sapphire_2019_for_AE_2019_x64

Download Boris_FX_Sapphire_AVX_2019.0_x64

Download Boris_FX_Sapphire_OFX_2019.0_x64

Download Boris_FX_GenArts_Sapphire_11.0.2_Adobe

Download Boris_FX_GenArts_Sapphire_11.0.2_OFX

Download Boris_FX_Sapphire_11.0_for_Avid

Mac OS X

Download Boris_FX_Sapphire_AVX_2019.0_macOS

Download Boris_FX_Sapphire_OFX_2019.0_macOS

Download Boris_FX_GenArts_Sapphire_11.0.1_macOS_for_AE

Download Boris_FX_GenArts_Sapphire_11.0.1_macOS_for_AVX

Download Boris_FX_GenArts_Sapphire_11.0.1_macOS_for_OFX

Download GenArts_Sapphire_10.0_For_Autodesk_MACOSX

Password (s): Password:


Between 150 and 213 MB

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