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BluffTitler Ultimate + Portable

BluffTitler Ultimate + Portable
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BluffTitler Ultimate + Portable

BluffTitler is a simple and efficient program for making, rendering and streaming 3D video effects. With this app, you can easily create a variety of titles and three-dimensional text and add to your videos. It does not need to do hard and advanced specialized software . In a simple graphic environment, you choose one item between different templates and you will get the final output by setting and editing it. In this program you can use various effects like golden texts, dripping blood, blasting, mute text, vice versa, plasma, etc.

One of the interesting features of this software is the possibility of morphing or converting images to one another, for example, you can display animations of a person’s different ages with the help of this ability from childhood to adulthood. Also, for the background, the beautiful effects of the explosion are designed, which you can display in a fascinating way by adjusting its various parameters. Another great effect of the program is the ability to reflect the mirror of the text on the background. There is also the possibility to use the background music. The quality of the output files is very high and you can create cool clips with some creativity and artistic taste.

Features of BluffTitler:

  • Simple graphical environment and easy operation
  • Making fast effects and instant viewing
  • Having many effects, including blast effects, rhythmic reflections, golden texts, floating texts, etc.
  • Possibility to use the field of plasma and fractal
  • Morphing capabilities of images jpg
  • Ability to use mp3 files for the clip
  • Morphing background videos
  • High output quality
  • Take advantage of texture for both text and background
  • Ability to make cartoon texts
  • Possibility to use particle effect

Required system

System requirements
Microsoft Windows 7, 8 or 10 (32 or 64 bits) 
A DirectX 11 compatible graphics card 
80 MB available hard disk space 
Emoji rendering and MP4 export require Windows 10



Installation guide

After installing the file in the Crack folder, copy and replace the installation program.

Download link

Download BluffTitler_Ultimate Multilingual

Download BluffTitler_Ultimate Multilingual Portable

Password (s):


Install version: 48 MB

Portable Version: 45 MB

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