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B4A (Basic4android) 8.50 Retail + Libraries January 2018

The Basic4android tool or the B4A is the easiest and most powerful Rapid Application Development or RAD development environment for generating and developing Android software. This small program will include most of the tools and features needed to design and build the best and Android software, the ability to compile a variety of Android platform applications without dependency or extra time from the features of this powerful tool.

Features and Features of the Basic4android programming environment :

– Complete programming environment and IDE and 100% focused on the Android platform

– Design a variety of attractive and advanced user interface

– The function is similar to the program written with java

– Object-Oriented Programming

– No need for XML programming

– Quick and accurate troubleshooting

– Extensibility with support for Java custom libraries

– Enjoy WYSIWYG visual or visual editor

– Support for all features and features of the Android operating system, such as NFC, GPS, SQL, Bluetooth, call centers, SMS, contacts, contact lists …, USB and MTP ports, camera, office document formats, live wallpapers and widgets. Or widgets, video playback and recording, various network protocols, various sensors and …

– Supports all phones with Android 1.6 and above

The set of changes made to B4A is visible from here .

Basic4android Tips  :

– This version is provided with full crack and installed and tested by the download.

– The Retail version is a purchased version and differs from the trial version available on the manufacturer’s site.

– Additional programs and tools, libraries as well as guidance and program training are provided separately.

– To view the installation of this tool, here a visit.

required system

Android 1.6 or higher


Installation guide

See the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

Download link

Download B4A 8.80 Retail

Download B4A Library January 2018 + Additional Programs + User Guides

Download Basic4Android_7.80

Download B4A_Libraries_December_2017

Download B4A 6.80

Download Libraries Updated by April 1396 (B4A Libraries, March 2017 Update)

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Download the guide along with the crossroads

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